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Nightmare Before Christmas Scrapbox

Buy it now… I only have so many charms. They first 6 boxes sold will get Sally and Jack, the rest will be all Jack! This is a darling scrap box and includes actual ALUMINUM Angelina. It is seems coarse because it is actual metal BUT, it spins awesome and you can mold it into “beads”. I love to work …

NatalieNightmare Before Christmas Scrapbox

It’s HERE! Namaste Farms Wool Products

Finally, it’s time to pre-order our flagship product, “Wash and Dye Bastard.” Everyone asks how my fibers look so vibrant, and the number one trade secret?  The wool shampoo I use.  Orders yours NOW and get in on the initial batch!  Please spread the word about!

NatalieIt’s HERE! Namaste Farms Wool Products