Extreme Locks

Extreme Tailspinning Locks

As most know, extreme Teeswater tailspinning locks are the “creme de la creme” of the fiber world.  These are extremely premium and costly because these (shearling) fleeces have been on the animal for at least one year (more often, about 18 months) and require extra TLC from the shepherd.  Sometimes the fleeces are show washed) rinsed in water and, but, more often, these fleeces are raw, dirty, and unkempt.  I almost always have extreme Teeswater (and extreme Wensleydale) locks in stock, but priority goes to my long time customers.  If you see a “BUY NOW” button on this page, I have the fiber in stock and enough inventory to supply customers outside my normal customer base.  Once again, these will not be washed or in orderly bunches.  The staple length varies; for “Long Locks” the staple will vary between 8 inches and 10 inches stretched.  “Extreme Tailspinning Locks” can be over 11 inches and can sometimes reach lengths over 14 inches.  I do not measure each lock and a reasonable expectation would be to have 10 % over or slightly under the reported length.  If you believe the package has more than 10% shorts, I will immediately ship more locks.  Once again, I have a “no questions asked” guarantee on my wool products.  Please read “Shop Policie’s” before purchasing.

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  1. Thank you for the videos, i am awed by your products and videos, i am a new adept to spinning and weaving and i find your yarns to be most inspiring. Its so beautiful, i sincerily congradulate you. When i will be ready, after scrapping the starting wool in my learning, i will buy some of yours and hope to honor it with the best spinning and kniiting i can do. I have a dream… 😉

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