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Teaching Availability

If you’re interested in having me teach in late 2017-2018, I’m currently booking dyeing wool and protein fiber workshops across the globe. If you’re worried about heat sources, don’t be.  Students can either rent Iwatani burners from me (25.00), or purchase their own (34.00 on Amazon).  These butane burners are suitable for indoor use and they’re compact for storage.  The requirements to host a retreat are;  14-20 students, Portable tables, chairs, a white board, running water, spin dryer, white vinegar and small butane canisters (which I pay for).   I bring all the dyes, fibers, and an assistant if needed.  I also pay for my expenses but do ask that someone picks me up from the airport, shuttles me to the venue and, at the end, drops me off at the airport.

My proprietary methodology, Redding Method, is comprehensive utilizing  both science and artistry to achieve depth, dimension and repeatability in your.  I continue to teach across the United States and just finished (April 2017) teaching at PLY-away Retreat in Kansas City,  Missouri where founder and PLY magazine editor, Jacey Boggs Faulkner said,  “Your students voted you Most Magical Teacher, put that on your resume!”

For information on dye courses, go to Redding Method.  To see what’s available and where I’ll be, please check schedule.  Whether it’s a two day Workshop on dyeing or a two day workshop on spinning or dyeing, I’m available during select times for 2017-2018. If you’re interested in private instruction you’re invited to a private or semi-private a VIP retreat where you stay at Namaste Farms and tailor your own experience.  I’ll teach you one on one in the day, and after ward, you can hang out with me on the farm.  helping me with the animals by feeding, shearing and doctoring.  If you’d rather sit back, relax and watch, you can do that too; it’s completely up to you.  For more information and the VIP farm retreats, please go to VIP Retreat.  Any questions, contact me!  CONTACT

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