Farm Barn Wedding Event Venue at Namaste Farms!

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Looking for an authentic Farm Barn Wedding or Event experience?  Believe it or not, with websites like, the knot and many others, finding a barn farm ranch wedding venue and hiring vendors to bring your chairs, banquet accessories, and even the wedding decor is simpler than you’d think.  A beautiful and elegant wedding doesn’t have to cost you tens of thousands of dollars, you can actually save about 70% of your wedding cost by doing it yourself. Not only that, you’ll have complete control over your experience; that adds up to win-win.  Having your event at Namaste Farms offers you a beautiful venue where your guests will be awed by the beautiful free range peacocks, ornamental game birds, and hundreds of sheep, lambs, goats and many other barnyard animals.  Both authentic and elegant, Namaste Farms has it all for the DIY event planner.  For more information, go to