The Importance Of Agriculture

In Retreat by Natalie

As most know, educating people about fiber arts and farming has been one of my major passions.  Thousands have taken my courses, attended my retreats, attended our educational farm tours, and watched my youtube channel.  If Covid 19 has taught us anything, it’s that we mustn’t rely on other countries for necessary commodities such as food, textiles and, of course, medications.   The general public is misinformed about the nature of animal products and animal production; this is the fault of those of us in agriculture. We’ve done a terrible job of messaging.  That said, I’ve found that the best way to reach out to the general public, is through the very animals they believe should be liberated.  In sharing with people the beautiful and necessary products these animals produce then explaining how the goal should not be to ban animal products but to insist on ethical farming, it is possible to shift public opinion.  I encourage other farmers to take the opportunities available to us to promote ethical farming and to reach out to the cities and suburban areas in an effort to share the beauty these animals create.

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