Book for spring/summer now (there are only a couple of dates available for June). If you want to know if we have dates you’re interested in available, please contact me and Sean (please contact both of us to ensure we receive it).

Do you want to come to Namaste Farms to learn and stay with us and our family? We are offering a new way to learn dyeing, spinning, animal husbandry et al… You can come and enjoy life on the farm with me and have a completely tailored learning experience. You can stay on the farm at one of our Airbnb’s so won’t have to book a hotel, rent a car or purchase meals because this is an all inclusive 3 night “Namaste-cation.” where we pick you up at the airport, sleep in one of our super cool airbnb’s (right here on the farm), and get to enjoy your meals right here.  For those of you who want to have an information packed adventure, an example itinerary is as follows:

Day 1; Travel Day; arrival dinner with Sean, Natalie and family

Day 2 and Day 3; Learning days with breakfast, lunch and dinner provided. You’ll tailor the start times with up to 6 hours of experience per day. Because your journey is as unique as you are, you can select any combination of activities. These could include: Dyeing MOA, Advanced Dyeing Techniques, Nabori Silk Dyeing, Fiber Reactive Dyeing, Beginning Handspinning, Advanced Handspinning or Fleece or Fiber Master Class. If you aren’t interested in dyeing or spinning but want to learn about fiber “on the hoof,” you can spend time on the farm working with the animals. I’ll teach you everything you need to know about fiber in a truly one of a kind hands on environment. If this option is for you, bring your boots and jeans because you’ll handle the animals, and “learn by doing.” In the event you want a much slower paced option, you can simply hang out and relax on the farm. We have a porch swing where you can watch the chickens, baby goats, horses, and free range peacocks walk by. The sights and sounds of the farm are amazingly therapeutic and grounding. In the late afternoon or evening, if you’d like to visit Temecula’s Winery’s, we live in the wine country and we can help you arrange transport with a designated driver. Also, we are only an hour from the beach, and we’re happy to help arrange a visit to see the Pacific Ocean, if you so choose.

Day 4: Travel day; breakfast and transport to the airport is provided.

We are offering either private or semi private (you and a friend; friend has a 33 percent discount!) instruction where they also participate in the day to day functions of Namaste Farms.  In the event you choose to attend the retreat with a friend, you’ll stay in the same cottage, however, we have a comfy pullout bed with a premium mattress.   No matter whether you come alone or with a buddy, I want you to have fun and come away with the experience of a lifetime. During the retreat, there will be a “no holds barred” approach and I’ll teach you anything you want to know. Besides learning, you’ll hang out with me (and Scrappy), and have home cooked meals while conversing and getting to know me and my family on a personal level.

This private VIP retreat is available during the week or on the weekend (higher price).  We will pick you up at San Diego Airport the day before and, in the evening, you’ll have dinner with us.  The following day we start with Starbucks and a breakfast cooked by Sean.  Afterward, you’ll begin instruction from a syllabus that caters to your specific needs.  I’ll tailor this 3 day retreat to your needs and make sure you get more than your money’s worth.
Not only will you learn in depth methods, you can also accompany me during my daily chores and see what it takes to run a farm.  If you want to learn about farming, you can help in shearing, skirting, doctoring and more… it’s hands on and you’ll have an experience of a lifetime while simultaneously learning fiber arts or/and farming on a legitimate working farm.  Come hang out and become a friend for life!

Please Use the Appropriate Amount from Pulldown menu. If you want to lock in a date but don’t have all the cash right now, you can make a non-refundable deposit instead with full payment due one week before retreat. Come with a friend receive a 33% discount on second person!



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