Copper Patina Scrapbox

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Copper Patina is a challenging color to dye, but happens to be a favorite of Namaste Farms Scrapbox purchasers. The box can have many of the following: long locks, silk/merino roving, mohair, exotic wool, silk ribbon, nepps.


  1. I have several scrapboxes, I started buying from the beginning and each one gets better and better. Everytime I think I have a new favorite from “Tiffany Rennesance” to
    “Perfect” to “shanghai” to “urchin” to “copper patina” etc etc etc yes I have several more then I have listed … These are full of gorgeous vibrant colors, inspiring add ins including feathers, silk ribbons, habu textile novelty yarns, vintage or glass lamp work beads, gold , nepps, exotic fibers, and more….
    My spinning has become more adventurous and fun, I’ve never been so inspired. These are by far the best fiber purchases I’ve ever made and if you haven’t tried one you are missing out big. These are amazing!

    1. Author

      I just love you Trisha. You’re so supportive and have become someone who I count on for your honest opinion on things. Thank you again…

  2. These scrapboxes are so creative, so beautiful, and SO worth the money. Seriously, they are a steal for the amount and quality of fiber you are getting. Every time I get to buy one, it feels like Christmas. Just like Trisha said, they will definitely challenge you to push past your usual comfort zone and try new and exciting things!

  3. WOW! This Copper Patina Scrap Box was AMAZING! As are every Scrap Box I’ve ordered. The selection and quality of the fiber are simple the best! There is always plenty of fiber and fun stuff in the box. Natalie’s eye for color is amazing and it reflects in her her products. If you are on the fence about ordering a Scrap Box, DO IT!!! You will not be disappointed!

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