Nestled in the heart of Temecula Valleys Wine Country, Namaste Farms is an oasis in the hot southern California desert.  My husband, Sean (son of famed hair care icon Jheri Redding)  and I (Natalie Redding) started this farm in 1996 as a successful racehorse ranch.  In 2005-2006, we decided to make the transition from horses to small ruminants due to time/budgetary constraints of raising our 5 children.  It was one of the best decisions we ever made.

The name “Namaste” Farms was chosen by me, and reflects the way I feel about my animals and the connectedness I have with them. I am wholeheartedly dedicated to the ethical raising of superior fiber animals and I truly believe that the greatest thing I can do for my production animals is to harvest and honor what they grow for me; wool and mohair. For Namaste Farms flock of champions, and sons and daughters of champions, the amazing fleeces they produce is the sole support for our farm.
I have a longstanding love of long wool fiber and mohair. For this reason, Namaste Farms raises, Teeswater, Wensleydale, and Gotland sheep as well as Angora goats. Typically, our sheep are all coated except for the breathtakingly beautiful shearling fleeces which are famed for extreme (tailspinning) locks which exceed 12 inches.
In addition to raising my own fiber producing animals, I import fleeces from around the globe and broker fleeces from friends across the United States. I feel so fortunate to do what I love, and what I love is the hard work and dedication it takes to raise these amazing animals.

In my journey as a shepherdess and fiber artist, I’ve been able to do so many things including collaborating with other artists on different projects, and, having my own cable television series for a short stint.  You can check out our show on Hulu or Hulu Plus, or, buy it on Amazon.  The title, “Shear Madness” and, you may catch re-runs on Nat Geo Wild.


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