Often people ask for wool sampler boxes, and Namaste Farms offers several different types. There are raw wool sampler boxes and Washed Wool Gift Boxes.
The first box is a raw wool sampler of fine wool only breeds. These coated fleeces include; Delaine Merino, Australian Merino, Cormo and Bond wool fleeces. These are all raw, next to skin soft and include at least 3 ounces of each fleece. The second sampler box is 7 breeds and all samples are from the United Kingdom. Each sample will be at least 1.5 ounces and boxes may include such breeds as Ryeland, Teeswater, Wensleydale, Cotswold, Hebridean, Zwartbles, Manx Loaghtan, Soay, English Leicester or several others. Be assured, all the samples are worthy and often more generous than expected. The third is a 9 breed raw wool sampler which will contain breeds of UK and US origin. Please note, UK breeds are not coated, however, each sample is representative of the breed. Uncoated fleeces will usually contain some vegetation but I try to only broker fleeces which have acceptable levels… i.e. very little.


The Washed Wool Gift Boxes are very popular and include at least (often more) 1 ounce samples of 9 different breeds. Breeds in the past included some of the following: Romney, Cotswold, Wensleydale, Gotland, Icelandic, English Leicester,Shetland, Corriedale, Cormo, Merino etc…


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  1. Hi Natalie! Hoping that I’ve picked the right sampler box. The Sharlea Merino from Australia sounds so exotic! I HAVE to have some. I’m anxious to compare it to some of my 14-16 micron alpaca fleeces. Can’t wait to work with it, I love the lock structure. I so much appreciate what a great teacher you are to us in the fiber world.

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