Instinct testing sheepdog

Working Sheepdog Experience!

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Do you have a canine family member you want to experience the fun of a lifetime?  Namaste Farms is offering fun on the farm for you and your canine companion; learning how to work sheep!  It doesn’t matter if your dog is a working breed or not, they’ll still have a blast during this experience.  Even little dogs are predators by nature and there’s nothing more fun than giving them a controlled environment in which to express what’s in their DNA, prey drive. During your hour long experience you will be introduced to what makes your dog tick and what we’re trying to accomplish.  Once we talk about the overall goals and how to keep your dog and our sheep safe, you’ll learn how to begin working your dog on sheep.  No matter what age of breed of dog, there is something for them to experience here, and if they’re so little that the sheep are overwhelming, we can start them on ducks!  Please join us for a private lesson where you can watch your dog learn something, get energy out, and all while having a great time.  For those of you who have working breeds and want to instinct test your working breed, the process is much the same and we welcome you.  Come to Namaste Farms and spend some quality time with your canine family member.  This experience is 90.00 for the hour plus of time, and it’s guaranteed to delight!  If you don’t have a dog but want to learn how, we have dogs you can use that are fully trained sheepdogs.