A Note on Buying

PREFACE: I feel so fortunate to sell wool and fiber products to my friends and followers. Over the last 15 years, I’ve built amazing relationships with countless long-standing customers. Because of this, I have a very unique business model which allows me to be selective about who I sell my raw wool products to. First and foremost I’m a farmer and purchasers must understand this means a few things.  While I’m an dutiful and detail oriented shepherdess, I’m not the best communicator, packer, or labeler (so mistake will occur).  That said, I ALWAYS make things right, whatever “right” means.   Further, I wasn’t gifted with patience, and, while I work on this each and every day, I’m not a hand holder. I ask that if you are a new fiber enthusiast and not familiar with the unintended “treasures” which may be included in your fleece (bugs, twigs, sheep droppings), please don’t purchase from me. I have plenty of customers who resell my fleeces and they’ll make sure your purchase will be seamless and “treasure” free. If you’re an established fiber artist who has a laundry list of expectations, I also ask that you bypass me and purchase from my establish customers. While these caveats may seem unusual, I’m trying to preserve your fiber purchasing experience and my enjoyment of raising the Namaste Farms flock.

GUARANTEE:  So, what can I guarantee? I guarantee every single item I sell is something I believe in. Occasionally, how I feel about a product is not what the buyer expected. I have a “no questions asked” return policy. I do expect the item will be returned within 2 weeks of purchase, will be in the original condition sold, and for raw fleece, weighs the same as when it was shipped.

SHIPPING:  I do NOT keep track of your shipment. Please go to your PAYPAL account and find the transaction, click on it and it will give you a tracking number. This is how you keep track of what’s happening. I also do NOT send receipts, that’s Paypals’ job; they receive ~3% for doing so. They always send a receipt of your purchase and a shipping confirmation when I generate a label. Occasionally things do happen where I miss your order, so know, I make mistakes and you should keep track of your item and it’s shipment.  Also, please know, to be a farmer I must support my flock with other means of income which means frequent traveling to shows, and events.  What this means, is your item may NOT ship in a timely fashion.  If there is urgency, please tell Kristin (best) or me, ahead of time.  Thank you so much for your patronage, I want you to know I appreciate every person who supports me.

NON-UNITED STATES PURCHASERS:. Please know, I love to accommodate non-US purchasers.  There are some issues about shipping out of the country.  Please read below.

If you have a communal post box or one which isn’t secure, you’re accepting the responsibility that your package may be stolen.  In other words, if the package says “delivered” and you say you didn’t get it, I’m not responsible and you’ll accept the loss.  This is a hard rule because I’ll want to refund your money (because PayPal won’t if tracking says “delivered”).  In the past, I personally refunded people (one shipment was over 350.00) because I felt compassionate that someone gave money and didn’t have a product.  Eventually, I decided to stop shipping to non-US customers which really upset my longtime purchasers.  I decided to start shipping outside the US  again with one caveat:  I’m not responsible for any packages IF the tracking says “delivered.”   If you purchase from me, you’re agreeing to this.


Scrappy shopping for a new collar.


  1. Thank you for all the UTUBE videos. I Love your program! Found you in the vogue magazine. I am a want to be knitter sales and marketing executive @now! I am from Minnesota originally and started working at 13 hers old in a fabric store. I am a fiber nut at heart. I currently am Director of Sales, run a sales division for CardinalHealth covering the western half of the US. I am looking to do something in the second half of my life. I can across an old 1940’s knitting mill in Fairbault, MN want to buy the historic sight , already taken. I met the CEO and stuck up a conversation about a franchise operation, creating more yarn, wool etc…. not sure where this will end up. He is very open to ideas and so am I as I look to buy or invest in a business in fibers…super fun. I love the idea that you are so open, creative and on a farm with your family and extended one -the animals! Is there any chance I can stop by in October when I am out in CA for a visit?

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