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Dye Secrets Beginning Dye Course, Online Starts Back May 2021

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After a year hiatus, Natalie Redding and Redding Method are getting back to work.  We hope you join us for a Dye Secrets Intensive May 28th-30th, 2021.  The classes are online and they every class is taught live and recorded to youtube.  If you can’t be there for the live session, you can watch the recorded version for up to 30 days after the last class airs live. Teaching in a live format is perfect for people who like to ask questions because you can type your question in chat and have it answered in real time. The Intensive Dye Secrets version is faster paced but you learn the same information. To enroll, go to Reddingmethod.

New Students Dye Secrets: 325.00
Previous Students Non RM Certified 250
RM Certified teachers 90.00