How Did I Live Without Her?

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I don’t know how I ever lived without a working dog.  Actually, now, I don’t know I how lived without 2 working dogs.  My two fully trained Borders are Lacey and Lad. Lacey was purchased from Canines N ewe; Jennifer Clark Ewers in Campo, Ca.  Lad, was purchased from Kim Gibson, Nidderdale Stockdogs, in the United Kingdom.  Both dogs are needed on this farm and they fit very different roles.  I feel so lucky to have purchased dogs who are good canine citizens and fantastic workers.  Living here, there is work every single day.  Even on a slow day, something needs to be herded.  It could be a sheep coat came off, a baby is loose, or, an entire flock is running a muck. I do often ponder; “How did I live without my working dogs?’

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