Fleece Pre-Order

In Sales Blog by Natalie

SOLD OUT! Pre-orders are for previous customers only.
I’ve just sheared many fleeces and have so many more to do in the next few weeks. This is a pre-order and many of the orders will be filled today but may take longer, in fact up to about 45 days plus. All the fleeces I have are white with the exception of 2 kid mohair fleeces. The wool is coated Teeswater, Wensleydale, Corriedale or Easydale. Normally, if you order more than one lb, I ship a combination of the above unless I have an abundance of Teeswater and Wensleydale. Further, I will ship whatever breed/fleece is the best unless you DO NOT want one of the breeds listed. If you have a preference, you need to list them in the notes.

Please choose the appropriate menu below based on whether or not you’ve been a Redding Method Student (who receive a discount). Once again, please know, while you may receive your fleece in the next few days, this is a PRE-ORDER and do not purchase if you aren’t okay with that. Further, DO NOT PURCHASE IF YOU’RE NOT A PREVIOUS CUSTOMER! I don’t feel comfortable selling pre-orders to people who aren’t prior customers. If I don’t recognize your name, I will refund your money without hesitation. Also, shipping is actual cost, in the event paypal fails to charge you shipping, I will invoice you. Thank you so much for your business.