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Please note that there is a pulldown menu which has different prices for past or present students of Redding Method and the general public so please choose the appropriate menu choice. In the event I cannot fill an order, I will refund your money within 48 hours of purchase.  I normally pre-sell my fibers which allows me to control who purchases.  If you haven’t purchased from me before, and are even close to a difficult buyer (or aren’t familiar with the REALITY of raw fleeces), do not purchase from me.  While I was gifted with the ability to work tirelessly, I was not gifted with patience.  Also know, I am lucky to have countless friends and longtime customers and I always give purchasing preference to them.  In the event, Paypal doesn’t charge you shipping, I’ll invoice you.

So, here we have it; I just sheared Teeswater locks and all the fleeces are from my own animals. All of these were from 2016 lambs which mean the fleeces have beautiful lamb tips and have been on the animals for at least 7-8 months and up to 11 months. Teeswater sheep typically grow one inch per month… so, you can do the math. Most all are from 7″ to 11″ but because the fleece grows at different rates on different parts of the body, you will always get a cross section of lengths. I do not measure each lock in each pound I sell. What happens when packing is I randomly grab handfuls of skirted fiber trying to remove anything which is obviously too short.

I have two types for sale below:  A.  Medium length average staple 6″.  This means there will be longer, and there will be shorter.   These are beautiful locks most of which are the pencil type.  The picture below with the (caption of “A”) is typical of these medium stapled fleeces and this was sheared yesterday.

Medium length "A"

Medium length “A”

The second are longer locks with a staple of an average of about 8 inches.  This means included are fibers with shorter and longer staple.  The picture below with the caption “B” is typical of the longer fleeces and the picture depicts randomly grabbed locks (i.e. not cherry picked).  The longer fleeces seem to have a thicker staple width in addition to the longer length.  These are all amazingly beautiful fleeces with no vegetation but may have an occasional piece of straw.  Once again these fleeces are raw and white; luckily for everyone, Mother Nature just rinsed them in California rain water for 4 days.  This means you get more for your money in terms of weight.

Teeswater long locks

Longer length “B”

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