Early March Spring Retreat!

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Early Spring Retreat

Join us March 4, 5, 6th for a Namaste Farms/Redding Method 3 day retreat!  There will be a 2 day Redding Method Dyeing Intensive with the 3rd day dedicated to spinning.  Standard Retreat price includes lunch all three days, refreshments, fiber for dyeing, and dyes.  For the spinning portion, we would appreciate people adding to the community pot of fiber you’ll be provided from my stash of Scrapbox remnants and rejects (which is still very nice and super fun).

When you come to Namaste Farms you learn more than you could imagine.  I take you out so you can see fleece on the animal which reveals important things to look for when you purchase fleeces off the animal.  By March, we will have lambs with bottle babies you can “schnoodle” and help feed and care for.  Coming to Namaste Farms is an experience you’ll never forget and you can’t get anywhere else.Namaste Farms

As far as options, you can choose to have dorm style accommodations i.e. sharing a hotel room or you can find your own accommodations (search in Temecula, Murrieta, Fallbrook) close to Temecula’s Wine Country (where we live).  Please note, booking must be early because Temecula is a destination and can be VERY expensive or difficult to find rooms if you wait.

If you’d decide on shared accommodation, you’ll have a room with one other person (2 double bed rooms) checking in Friday, March 3 and checking out Tuesday, March 7th.  The price for shared accommodation is 325.00 TOTAL/per person for  the entire 4 nights.  I have 5 hotel rooms blocked out in a hotel that has an 8 rating on booking.com.  Breakfast is included in hotel so, basically, if you purchase the hotel option with the retreat, you’ll really only have to worry about airfare.

These retreats are exceptionally fun and you’ll learn a tremendous amount.  Redding Method of Dyeing is far past it’s infancy and I’ve become a solid instructor because of the constant teaching I’ve been doing for the last two years.  As far as spinning, besides the enjoyment of having access to a boatload of my fibers during the spinning class, I teach spinning frequently and have plenty of things to teach even the most seasoned spinner.

Please note, this retreat doesn’t have an experience level minimum or maximum.  If you’re new to dyeing or spinning, we can accommodate you.  If you’re experienced, Redding Method will teach you a new skill set and teach you solid methodology you never knew possible.  Please note, I will have certified Redding Method teachers here to help so everyone feels they get the attention they deserve.
Payments are non-refundable so please make sure you’re committed. For those who pay in full before January first, you’ll receive 1 gallon of Wash and Dye shampoo (80.00 value). Payment schedule is as follows:

  • Deposit for 3 day retreat; no hotel 225.00 (balance of 250.00 before Feb 1,  2017, if after 275.00)
  • Deposit for 3 day retreat; shared room included 350.00 (balance of 450.00 due before Feb 1, 2017, if after 500.00)
  • Payment for 3 day retreat only; no hotel 475.00 (Paid before Feb 1, 2017 after,  525.00
  • Payment for 3 day retreat PLUS 4 shared nights 800.00 (Paid before Feb 1, 2017, after 900.00)

March Retreat


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