Fleeces Just Shorn

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FLEECES FOR SALE! Price is PER LB RAW and all are heavily skirted.

Hello all, here are fleeces which I just sheared and continue to shear more today (1-28-17). The fleeces are Easydale, Wensleydale, Teeswater and Corriedale. All are coated and they are stunning second clip lamb. I fill the order with the best fleeces I have based on price point you purchase. I fill with whatever breed is the best unless you specifically DO NOT want a certain type. If you DO NOT want a certain type or specifically ONLY want a certain breed, please put that in the comments or email me. Students (past or present) receive a discount reflected in the price in the pulldown menu. Non students, please choose appropriate menu option. All the fleeces I’m listing are excellent, the show fleeces are priced accordingly.
I rarely sell to people I don’t know or who aren’t previous customers. This is a time when anyone can purchase UNLESS you aren’t very experienced or are high maintenance. If you are either of those, please do not purchase from me. However, I am happy to refer you to other sellers.