Stash and De-Stash Event

In Sales Blog by Natalie

Join us on July 25th, Tuesday beginning at 3:30 pm PDT at our public FB page, Teeswatersheep for a SALE of our private stash and de-stash fibers.  We have many hundreds of pounds of raw fiber from all around the world.  These fibers are going to be graded: A(+)-D and there will be many bargains to be had.  We’ll also be selling a plethora of Angelina as well as silk and other products.  For a description of the grades and terminology, please see below:

A+=  Coated first quality fibers which are heavily skirted

A=    Uncoated fibers which are first quality and heavily skirted

B+=  Coated Fibers which may have a lower handle or have a shorter      staple.  This could include lamb fleeces.

B=    Uncoated Fibers which may have a lower handle or slight yolk yellowing.

C=    Fibers either coated or uncoated which are of average handle and or lower length than breed standard.

D=    Fibers which may have VM, be of unknown origin and in general may require some amount of work.  These will be priced VERY VERY REASONABLY… i.e. blow out prices. Nothing sub-par will ever be sold.


Character: In general, “Character” refers to all those characteristics which make wool attractive i.e. the crimp, color and handle.

Cotting:  Slight felting of the fiber. In this context usually means it happened on the animal.

Handle:  The way the fiber feels in your hand.

Heavily Skirted:  The britch (i.e. upper back leg, hip area) and all parts which don’t look the same as the premium fiber are removed.

Lamb fleeces:  Usually, have lamb tips, a slightly dryer handle toward tip but pick up dye extremely well due to porosity.

Staple:  The length of the fiber.

Structure:  The way the lock is formed.

Soundness:  Strength of the fiber.

Tender:  When the fiber has some weakness.

Tippy:  When the tips of the fiber have some issue.

VM:  Vegetation which may include bramble, alfalfa hay or hay in general.

Yolk:  Yellowish material on wool consisting of wool wax and suint.