UK Bluefaced Leicester Shearling


I brought back BFL fleece from the UK and it’s lovely. It’s completely purled and has lamb tips typical of shearling fleeces. I pulled a lock off one of the fleeces and it was over 6 inches stretched but I don’t know what the length on every fleece is. Since these are all shearling fleeces, they’ve been on the animal at least 9-12 months so the fleeces should all have a length of at least 5 inches plus stretched. Bluefaced Leicester wool is lower micron than other longwools and can be in the 23 plus micron… it’s very very purled and the wool is beautiful to handle. It’s tight pencil locks and is a favorite of hand spinners and doll hair people. It’s sold raw and is 40.00 a lb. There is no vegetation with the exception of the occasional bramble which I try to make sure I remove. If you haven’t ordered from me, please read the policies section. If you buy 3 lbs you’ll receive 1/2 lb extra for free. If you live outside of the US, you will be invoiced for shipping.

NatalieUK Bluefaced Leicester Shearling