Temple Grandin on Flight Zones

Temple Grandin is an icon in the Animal Science industry.  Temple is a fierce advocate for humane treatment of our production animals and is probably the most recognized autistic woman in the world.  Here’s an article she wrote on moving ruminants and is crucial in understanding how to handle flocks.  What I think is truly amazing is working dogs have more »

NatalieTemple Grandin on Flight Zones

Spin In’s with Fibery Goodness

Spinartiste’s, Arlene Thayer and Wool Wenches, Suzy Brown, have scheduled some Spinning events with me on Google + during October and November. There are three total events which filled up within the first hours that they were announced and I’m so appreciative that my friends and followers care what I have to teach. That said, if you missed the event, more »

NatalieSpin In’s with Fibery Goodness