Hummingbird Scrapbox, and it’s GORGEOUS!


Green Throated Hummingbird, courtesy of Google images.

This is a very very hard combination of colors to dye and is a three step process (where each step has 3 steps…). It’s difficult to tell in the photos, but, there is an iridescence to the fiber… also, on the Teeswater, the tips are all dyed a different color. Honestly, this is just a lovely scrap box. For a full list of scrap boxes not offered on the pulldown menu, please go to Full Scrapbox List.



NatalieHummingbird Scrapbox, and it’s GORGEOUS!


  1. Melanie Gularski

    OH Natalie’!!!!!!!! I just received my package. Hummingbird is the softest and most beautiful fiber I have ever touched!! I can’t wait to order more of your stellar gifts. Love Mel

    1. Author

      So happy you like it, that was one of the most popular Scrapboxes. I just posted another one that is similar but probably a lot softer… lots of mohair… Buttons.

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