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Fiber Retreat


Thank you for everyone who booked their spot for participation!  This retreat sold out in less then 14 hours… that is incredible validation from all the people who support me. Thank you again.  Blessings.


Sat. Feb 28- Sun. March 1, 2015


350.00 if paid before Jan 1, 2015

400.00 if paid after Jan 1, 2015

150.00 deposit (please read fine print below)


I don’t do retreats often, so, if you’ve been one of the many who’s been asking, here it is.  This retreat will be packed with information not available in any other form by any other people.  To learn what I know, you have to do all aspects of fiber from a practical perspective.  The information I’ve garnished comes not only from my formal education (B.S, M.S. Animal Science), but also from the tremendous amount of hands on experience I have handling many tons of wool and fiber each year.  My knowledge is comprehensive and is compiled from not only shearing and raising the animals, but also from washing, dyeing and spinning these massive quantities of fiber.  Many of the things I’ll teach you, will blow apart some of the traditional indoctrinations you’ve been taught in the past. Beyond, this, some of the information will be the first time I’ve told these secrets publicly.

For participants, be prepared to touch live animals and get your shoes and hands dirty.  The only way to learn some of the things I know, is to actually look at fleeces on the animal and touch their amazing fibers.  You will be provided with fiber and lunch as well as a learning environment which is friendly and inclusive.

What you can bring, but not mandatory:

Spinning wheel, combs, hand cards, fiber.


The Fine Print:

Deposits can be made via paypal to and, are non-refundable but are transferable.  Because, I try to keep these events small and intimate, many people will not be admitted.  Please be sure you can attend prior to reserving a spot and/or are prepared to find a replacement in the event you cannot attend.  As mentioned, refunds are not given but are transferable.


  1. Hi Natalie
    I am on fire to attend! Could you please give a list on hotels and distance to your farm? I am coming from PA and am not sure if this is doable…
    I could always stay in the barn!!!!
    Thanks and look forward to hearing from you.

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