Washing Wool and Mohair

Most people know that I started a wool shampoo company, Namaste Farms Wool Products.  While I still leave up my original youtube washing video, my methods are quite different now.

Originally, I didn’t really think there could be much of a difference between washing fiber with some “other” product and washing with Dawn.   I believed Dawn was fine for getting the grease of wool and mohair, was easily purchased and was easy to use.  Overtime, I did discover limitations and problems; mainly having a hard substance form if not removed well before dyeing with acid dyes AND over scouring fiber.

The shampoos we’ve created are actually made specifically for wool and, “Wash and Dye Bastard” is an incredible conditioning shampoo as well as dye uptake facilitator.  Vibrant colors can be achieved with a simple process AND, you are encouraged NOT to wash all the shampoo off.  Please visit my Youtube channel to watch the video.  To purchase the products go to Namaste Farms Wool Products.

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