Twigs and Branches

In Scrapboxes by Natalie

Twigs and Branches Scrapbox is probably one of the best ones I’ve created yet. I LOVE THE yarn I made which is perfect for incorporating into so many fiber arts projects because of it’s neutral colortones and cooperative fiber types. The yarn I handspun is absolutely beautiful not only because of the colors but the inclusion of Habu textiles yarns. Fiber types are Corriedale, Teeswater, silk, Habu yarns, rayon ribbon, Angelina and more. I will create either a livestream Youtube tutorial or a recorded Youtube to show you how to make this! You will receive a link by February 15th! If you live outside of the country, there will be additional shipping which will be billed after your purchase. Also, you can buy (with a separate link) the beautiful little glass spools (see below) handmade by Sandy Dukeshire. I put some of my yarn on this spool and made a bracelet with it using some rolled leather you can purchase at a craft store such as Joannes or Michaels. Please note, the links are separate because the glass spool comes directly from Sandy!

Twigs and Branches Link

Sandy’s Glass Shack Glass Bobbin Link