4 Ways to Tailspin Extreme Long Teeswater Locks

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Tailspinning Class

Join Namaste Farms for 1 class over two nights; 4 Ways to Tailspin Yarn and then, make a boa from it. Tailspinning is one of my favorite techniques to do for handspinning yarn.  I will teach you 4 ways for success with tailspinning and then, show you how to knit a boa from the resulting yarn.  We will hold this event on Wednesday Dec 3rd and Wed Dec 10th 2014 at 6:00 PM PST.  The first session will be about the techniques and the second session will begin with answering questions, then, moving forward to making the boa.

Please make sure you sign up for Spreecast (free) and follow Namaste Farms.   Once you pay through paypal, I will send you the link to the event where you can watch and ask questions live.  Spreecast is interactive, so, there will be opportunities for some to come on camera to show specific issues or show your success! Please note, Spreecast is very easy use, however, it’s your responsibility to make sure you can sign in, so please do this in advance.  Once again, make sure you follow Namaste Farms so I can send you a reminder and link.

Skill Level:

Knitting; Beginner but should be able to cast on/bind off and knit stitch.

Spinning: Beginner through Advanced

Items needed (all but knitting needles and felting needles can be purchased below from pulldown menu).

Minimum size 13 circular needles

Base Yarn (any gauge but complimentary to long lock color  (40 yards)

Silk Ribbon

Extreme Tailspinning Locks

For base of tailspun yarn

(Mohair Lace weight yarn, roving, locks, felting needle)



  1. Natalie, just signed up for class w/materials. Also signed up for Spreecast (I think). Could you please do a one minute test of Spreecast before the class to make sure we all are “up and running”…don’t want to spend the day of trying to figure out any glitches 🙂

  2. OOOOH Natalie,

    This looks like fun, I have learned to pull those locks through my orifice and hooks on my small spinner, but I am still saving for a jumbo. And, combing the ads for Kromski spinning wheels, used, old I don’t care. I love their looks, and I love spinning. I don’t want to ruin that copper patina. My stuff comes very hard to me.


  3. Hi! I just signed myself and a friend up with supplies for the spree cast, and it just occured to me that I should have signed her up separately; the boxes are coming to me and she lives 4 hours away! Can someone contact me for my friends shipping info? Thank you!

  4. Can’t wait! Ordered everything. This will be nice since we’re going to be getting our first real snow. I wonder if I should do this with a glass of wine?

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