Silk, silk, silk…

In Sales Blog by Natalie


The most amazing silk/merino top/sliver (1/4 lb) which is extremely fine and high quality. If you have trouble felting fibers when dyeing them, this is the fiber for you. It is NOT super washed but it is very tolerant of over handling during the dyeing process. I’ve forgot about it when dyeing and let it go to a rolling boil and it still came out perfect. Also included is silk roving (3 ounces) mill ends (it’s like highly organized silk throwster but softer) which picks up dye amazingly well. The last item is silk filament which are continuos threads of silk straight from the degummed cocoons (3 ounces). Silk filament is the highest form of silk and when cut, makes beautiful art yarns. This is a perfect for Class #2 of Dye Secrets but is open to anyone who wants to purchase. You receive over 1/2 lb of fiber 65.00. Shipping is included in the US.