Show Fleece Long Locks

In Sales Blog by Natalie

These are Teeswater long locks which range from 10-14 inches stretched. Please note that with all fleeces there is variation in length i.e. some will be shorter and some maybe longer. I try to remove anything more than ~15% shorter than the average length. These are incredible and one of the few batches I’ve seen from 2017 that weren’t felted (due to an early spring grass). You won’t be disappointed, they have the handle, structure and luster you’d expect with long locks off of show animals.  Shipping is included and it’s sold raw, by the 1/2 lb lot; price $62.00 within the US.  It will lose very little weight in dirt or oil because these are so nice.
I’m only selling a small amount here, and the rest will be sold during a fleece sale at later date.