Extreme Long Locks; Near Jet Black Fleece STUNNING 1/2 lb


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This is a perfect fleece which is near  Jet black with sunkissed tips; 1/2 lb. The color looks black unless you set it next to a jet black fleece then it looks like steel grey. It is stunning and locks can be up to 16″; The ruler is 15″ long in the picture and the first lock I picked was longer.  Lengths can and WILL vary based on how the fleece grows on the animal. Not all parts are as long but are guaranteed to be at least 12.5-13″ with longer in there to0; i.e.16″.  I try to not give more than 10% shorter than the minimum but I do not measure every lock. There is only 3 total lbs of this fleece available.  You will not find a better black/grey fleece this year, it’s stunning.  Also, this breeder is one of the biggest breeders of WENSLEYDALE in the UK and one of my friends. She warned me, next year there will only be two black fleeces from her flock (she normally has about 20 black ones).  Buy now if you want black.   If we are out of the 1//2 lb order, we may have still have full pounds.