Imported Teeswater Extreme Long Locks PRE-SALE

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Here’s your chance to be guaranteed amazing Teeswater Long Locks from the UK.  You have the option of purchasing locks with a sliding scale based on length.  All presale orders will have the best locks available to me and I’ll hand choose them.  Long locks are normally in sections pulled from the animal and I don’t measure each lock. What I do is check throughout the section I pull off to make sure there aren’t any shorts.  If I think there is a chance there are shorts included, I give extra.  Please note, these are sold raw, and will be as represented.  Free shipping within the US on your order and, as a bonus, all orders over 500.00 receive two-16 ounce bottles (value with shipping is over 48.00) of Namaste Farms Wool Products (I Wash and Dye and 1 Dirty Rotten Bastard).  Your order will ship between July 1-5, 2018.  Please DO NOT order from me if you’re someone who is a compulsive worrier, or isn’t familiar with the idiosyncrasies of raw wool.  Raw wool does smell like sheep, is not washed, and can have bramble hidden as well as surface dirt. The UK doesn’t coat their fleeces and, due to the length of time long fleeces are on these animals (over 1 year), there is usually slight cotting.  Despite the disclaimer, these are amazingly lovely fleeces and dye like no other.  They are the Rolls Royce of the fiber world.

Presale Raw Teeswater Locks