Holiday Presents? Take “Nabori” Classes Starting Nov 29/30 2016 and Make Them!

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Do you want to make Holiday Presents which are STUNNING and involve fiber arts? Here’s your chance and included in class price are 3 silk scarves and binding accessories. I’m doing a live online class for hand dyeing silk scarves in a method I call “Nabori!” I make beautiful hand dyed scarves (see pictures) in a method which is reminiscent of “Shibori” but was developed by me. I use my own techniques to folding and binding the silk as well as Redding Method (dyeing) to achieve the beauty which you see in the pictures. Learning how to tackle Nabori scarves is time consuming, but the actual dyeing can be as difficult or as easy as you want. Further, don’t think the hand dyed scarves you’ll be able to make after this are super expensive, because they aren’t. You can purchase 100% silk scarves for around 10.00! Creating hand dyed silk gifts is inexpensive in supplies BUT the resulting products look like something you could only purchase from high end designers.Reddingmethod silk
There are 4 total classes which will span over 4 days. The first class focuses on the principles to Nabori. It includes folding, tying and mapping out your projects. The first class shouldn’t run over 1 hour. The next classes are longer; about 3 hours each but I’m known to run over :). After these classes you should be able to EASILY create any combination of Nabori as well as giving you the skills to create your own styles. The last class is a bonus with Jan Massie where she’ll lead a Google Hangout on how to make a Silk Coil Necklace. These creations are GORGEOUS and  look incredibly time consuming, but really aren’t. Please note that the coil necklace pictured is an example which the late Janice Rosema created with the addition of Freeform Crochet. You’ll learn how to make the coil necklace with add-ins but not with Freeform accents. For a complete schedule, please go to Redding Method.  Included in class price are 3 silk scarves and binding elements to create effects!

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