Long Locks Scrapbox

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Long Locks Scrap

Get an array of the various color ways and long locks you’ve seen here and on Facebook. Lengths are from about 8 inches up to 12 plus inches. These are Teeswater extreme locks and are the ends that I don’t sell as premium show locks. They are still absolutely lovely but can have an occasional piece of VM et al… this is reflective in the price. That said, they are incredible and a great opportunity to get hand dyed locks that are stripped into a neat pile and wrapped with ribbon. For completely perfect show locks that are dyed, please go to my friend, Laura’s store Rainbow Twist.  She is a meticulous person and her dyeing and splitting of show locks (originally purchased here!) is top notch.  I rarely sell long locks separately because I won’t compete with customers who buy raw wool, so… here’s your chance at a bargain.  This scrapbox is 3 ounces (normally they are 6-8)… so please make a note!

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