Imported Show Fleeces, BEAUTIFUL

In Sales Blog by Natalie

Best fleeces in YEARS… and I’m selling the show fleeces NOW, before the August 3rd sale. There are only so many fleeces from the shows, and once they’re gone, they’re gone until next show season.   These are first year hogget fleeces; i.e from when their born until the next year when their shown.  Teeswater and Cotswold, really lovely fleeces.  The Teeswater is  12″ plus and it was the first lock I grabbed.  The Cotswold is shorter, but AMAZING handle and type. On both of these, I try to give the longest locks but I don’t measure every one… you should never receive more than 10% shorter and, if I’m concerned at all there may be “shorts”, I’ll give extra. These fleeces are truly stunning and you need to buy them now, they won’t last until August 3rd sale. These ship on the 4th.

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