Fiber Buffet

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Fiber Buffet

Namaste Farms is opening our new studio to the public on Sundays.  You can come and visit anytime or come to hang out and spin at our “Fiber Buffet” for an “all you can spin” experience.  If you just want to come in  and check us out, there is no charge… rates for the use of the spinning studio, felting tables et al are listed below.

For the fiber bar, there are two sessions:  Session 1 starts at 9:30-1:00 and Session 2 starts at 1:00-4:30.  While there are sessions for the fiber bar (come early to get the most bang for your buck)… the rest of the studio is just “drop in.” This half day rate of 45.00 buys all you can spin from our “Scrapbins” and  includes the use of selected plying threads, carders and all the Scrapbin fiber you can spin on site; no weighing, no asking, just spin it and it’s yours.

For people that want to “pack and go” you can choose from the Scrapbins (45.00 lb) or PREMIUM fibers  for 45.00 a half lb… i.e silk, dyed locks, Angelina et. al…  There is also Ala carte silk ribbon, beads, feathers and more.  If you just want to hang out and spin your own fiber, there is a fee (6.00/hour) which includes the use of the carders, felting tables, cookies, espresso, tea and more!  Just hang out, we welcome you!

So please, spread the word and come visit us under the Sycamore trees, watch the chickens go by while sitting on our porch or in the studio with us.  Who knows, you might even catch me making #scrapboxes!

Felters, dyers, knitters are welcome also.

We open Sunday, May 17th at 9:30 am; please spread the word!

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