Sale-De-Stash 9

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Sale 9

Giving everyone a heads up that we’re having another sale on Saturday, February 17th at 2:30 PST.  I’ve started in on my 55 gallon drums of fiber from the UK and, of course, I’m still shearing. Listed will be BOGO’s from past sales, Teeswater lamb fleeces, Irish Blackface LOOOOOONG STAPLE, 1/2 fleeces of Teeswater long locks, Wensleydale fleeces, Angelina, and more more more more.  I have so much still, just a ridiculous amount of fiber.  There are some screaming good deals. Below, please see some of the lots available.

Please go to my public Facebook group to purchase any of the lots. Please keep in mind that the lots will automatically begin posting at 2:30 pm PST at 2 minute intervals.  Any questions? Please contact Kristin.