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BFL Cross and Wensleydale Cross GORGEOUS

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The BFL and Wensleydale X are stunning white fleeces with an amazing handle. They will pick up dye extremely well and have the lock structure and character you’d expect in both breeds. Seriously, these are incredible and would easily win in fleece shows. There is no VM and they all have a very nice white undertone rather than a typical ecru. The staple length is appropriate for the breeds and I can’t say enough good things about them. These are brokered fleeces from 2 different breeders and both have exceptionally good sheep. In addition, there is grey Leicester cross fleece that has amazing handle and is very soft for a long wool. This will overdye beautifully. If you are using an iPad or try to use the button below and it doesn’t work, please try and use a different browser… this sometimes helps. Otherwise, use a different device or message and I will invoice you.

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