Free Retreat for Session 3 Fiberygoodness Students!

Session 3 Free Retreat

free retreat for

I am so excited to announce a free retreat for my Session 3 students. I am so appreciative of the support you’ve given me that I’m hosting this so we can get together, talk about the year in review, DYE, spin and discuss the future direction of the Master Dyer Certification. I’m here for you to pal around, answer questions and bond.
Formally, the retreat is for Saturday, March 19th only, but, I’ll be here on the farm and if you want to hang out on Sunday, you can come here and hang out.
Please note, I need a head count because Sean will be cooking a “no host” (24.00) lunch which is always freshly made of high quality vegetables, meats, breads etc… If you have special dietary needs, please let me know. We’ll have alcoholic beverages, waters, snacks and more. When you’re ready to commit, use the paypal link for the lunch.

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NatalieFree Retreat for Session 3 Fiberygoodness Students!

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