First Scrapbox in the ARTIST series; Purple Artichoke.


PURPLE ARTICHOKE (Photo from New Zealand)
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Concept yarn is so popular that my friend and mentor Arlene Thayer suggested I start making concept Scrapboxes!   I decided that for my first undertaking,  I’d do something beneficial for all the scrapbox purchasers while simultaneously supporting fellow artists by having them show us how they make some of their beautiful yarns.  I’m so excited to have Suzy Brown aka, Wool Wench as the first fiber artist in the series.  Suzy is a well known fiber arts innovator, creator, teacher and is also the other “half” of (with Arlene Thayer).   What you may not know is Suzy has created so many popular yarns that you may already be spinning but had no idea they originated as her brainchild.  Wool Wench has an impressive list of fiber arts accomplishments and is such a true talent with texture and color.  The good news?  I’m not just teasing you with her artist prowess without giving you an opportunity to learn from her.  Suzy will be joining us LIVE from New Zealand on a Youtube/Google Hangouts Thursday Feb 25th 3:00 pm PST to teach us how to spin one of her signature techniques;  LockKnot.  Not only will she teach us her approach and the LockKnot method, but when we’re done making beautiful yarn, Suzy will show us how to fashion it into a skinny scarf.

For more information on Suzy and Fiberygoodness… also, Fiberygoodness is now an official Majacraft dealer, so anything Aura, Suzie, Rose and more…  please contact either Suzy or Arlene for information.

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NatalieFirst Scrapbox in the ARTIST series; Purple Artichoke.

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