TEESWATER EXTREME Tailspinning Locks are HERE!

Black Wensleydale fleece

Long Locks

I have extreme tailspinning locks in and have fulfilled all the pre-orders. If you’ve wanted some tailspinning locks and haven’t been able to purchase some, here’s your chance. I also have Black Wensleydale fleece for sale. The Wensleydale is stunning and about 9-10 inches in length. This is a suitable length for tailspinning too. I don’t have very much black available because it is not a common color in the UK. The black is beautiful with sun bleached tips; adding an amazing dimension to your fiber arts. I don’t know how long I’ll have these fleeces in stock so buy if you can. These are all gorgeous with very little dirt. Know that I sell my fleeces raw and by the lb.
PURCHASING NOTE: I prefer to sell to people who have purchased from me before or who have a recommendation from a long time customer. If Pam or I do not recognize your name and you do not have a recommendation, you might receive a refund. This is to insure that the people who’ve been long time supporters of me (and their friends and family) have first choice of fleece.
Thank you all so much for checking in!

Raw Teeswater Fleeces/Lb

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NatalieTEESWATER EXTREME Tailspinning Locks are HERE!