RARE BREED BOXES straight from the UK!

Breedbox 1

Breedbox 1


I have two rare breed boxes from the UK. We’ll talk about these at length in Redding Method Fleeces Revealed class.  As many know, one of the foundational principles of Redding Method is “Know Your Canvas” and without knowing different breeds and what characteristics bind them, it’s almost impossible to be an expert dyer of raw fleeces.  Further, if you’re going onto teach Redding Method, these boxes are a perfect way to show people the characteristics that thread the “Mothership” breeds to our own US variants.  These fleece samples just came off the airplane and are some of the fleeces I traveled Ireland and the UK to acquire.  The fleeces I chose are perfect examples of breeds you may never had a chance to experience.

Breed Box 2

Breedbox 2

The Details:  Each box contains raw fiber with over an ounce of each breed and these fleeces are perfect representations of the breeds.  Box 1 includes: UK BFL (amazingly perfect locks), Charollais, UK Shetland, Castlemilk Moorit; Box 2 includes:  Valais Blacknose (this is beautiful and the first time I’ve found perfect fleece), Badgerfaced Welsh Mountain, Manx Loaghtan,  Whitefaced Woodland.

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NatalieRARE BREED BOXES straight from the UK!