Galactic Peacock Scrapbox; and it’s stunning!

I’m in love with this Scrapbox because there’s nothing better than peacock feathers. The first 20 scrapboxes will have the little feathers shown in the picture and when I run out, there will be bigger peacock feathers. All are from my healthy and free range birds and the feathers come out naturally in the late summer. You receive seed beads (more than pictured I just didn’t want to pick them off the tile!), black Angelina, at least (or more) 6 peacock feathers, silk cocoons, BFL, Teeswater, Wensleydale long locks silk fibers and more (just over 4 ounces total). We will have a livesteam on how to assemble this yarn on Monday,  Sept 5th at 5:00 pm PDT. Jan Massie will lead the class and show us how to make a beautiful yarn and assemble the cocoon and peacock feather add in. You should receive a link within 48 hours of purchasing this scrapbox.

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NatalieGalactic Peacock Scrapbox; and it’s stunning!