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I found two new things I love. The first? Sridiava yoga. The Second? Eckhart Tolle.
I am a fear based person. I guess growing up in a household with a lot of turmoil really activates a persons senses and makes them in a constant state of “what if” with worry and constant fear. That’s me, until lately.
Honestly, a person has to be ready to change the way they think, and you have to find what person, place or “thing” motivates you to change. It’s a kin to an alcoholic who is tired of living “that” way or an overweight person deciding, “I don’t want to live my life unhealthy, food addicted and uncomfortable.” I did learn a saying, “Change will happen when a person hits rock bottom.” Well, rock bottom doesn’t have to mean living on the streets, if can just be “you’re done.” Well, I’m done of living in constant panic and fear. It’s not fair to my children or my friends. I started realizing every time I talked to someone, I couldn’t wait for them to stop talking so I could start talking about what my new “freak out” was about so they could make me feel better. Why was it their job to act as a verbal valium?

Anyhow, for me, something switched. Oddly, watching snippets of “Super Soul Sunday” on OWN channel started getting my attention. I noticed I’d feel better after hearing these successful people talking about their trials and how the overcame them. Oprah would have spiritual “counselors” on and they would be talking, and little gems of wisdom would pop out. I would grab onto these like a lifeline. Enter, Eckhart Tolle.

So, without writing a book about my journey, that’s where it started. In the meantime, I began a new type of yoga, SriDiava and am watching my body change overnight. Sridiava is the brainchild of Desi Springer who discovered that through using unconventional techniques, the body can be reprogrammed and convinced to “let go.” I am the TIGHTEST muscled person… 8 years of Anusara wasn’t working. It was a constant game of getting limber, only to be exactly the same amount of rigidness the next day. My practice would not progress and I was getting injured trying. What’s crazy is this amazing yoga that’s changing my body is shrouded in controversy, anger from the yoga community and is “taboo” by many established yogis (and that’s another story).

Check back to see the progress in this journey! Thank you for reading!



Desi Springer, Vital Yoga, Denver CO.


  1. Natalie,

    I want one of your scrapboxes, this will be my first order with you, but I am so confused on which one to get. I love blues, but I also love that Copper.
    I just keep going back and forth looking.


  2. Hi Natalie….. I found this article so interesting. I grew up in a “worry zone” too. Conditioned from a young age to fear all the “what if’s”. I am interested to know if there are instructional videos for this particular style of yoga. And also, which of Eckhart Tolle’s books did you find most helpful.

    Thank you. 🙂

    1. Author

      Hi Marti, I listened to the “Power Of Now.” Thank you for this note…I really appreciate you taking the time to write me. Also, the type of yoga is Sridaiva and its fairly new. As of yet, I don’t believe there is anything on the internet which is interactive. Desi Springer is amazing, in fact, I am in Denver, Co now to a yoga intensive with her. Thank you again friend, Namaste.

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