“Easydale” Fleece!

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Coated Fleece!

When I bought 8 Tasmanian genetic Corriedales, my husband wasn’t sure about the decision.  When I showed him the fleece and he watched me shearing them (and how quiet they were), he said, “Cross them with Teeswaters… they will be ‘Easydales!'”  Well, thats exactly what happened.  I crossed some of the Corriedales on my Teeswaters and “VIOLA,” Easydale fleece.  Like the Corriedale, the crimp is bold and finer than a Teeswater.  Not only that, the sheep are docile like the Corriedale… so what did the Teeswater donate to this crossing?  The staple length is longer with more luster than a Corriedale and the sheep have spotted faces characteristic of the Teeswater.   I can’t tell you how beautiful these fleeces are, they are simply lovely and incredibly soft.  The fleece I have for sale now is a first shearing with varied staple.  Some is on the shorter side and is suitable for carding, and others can be lock spun. The longest part appears to be about 5 inches stretched with most somewhere in the middle.  That said, there is a lot that falls under the 4 inch mark.  It is so heavily crimped that it really shortens the fiber)!  Just know, you will love this fleece and I only have about 5 lbs total  for sale.  This will be it until I shear the next (and last) three in January. Please use the button below to purchase in lb increments. When the button is gone, so is the fleece!
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  1. I got some of this amazing fiber. It is fantastic. Washes up great no vm, super soft and shiny. The crimp is fabulous.

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