NEW Scrapboxes; Brickhouse, Lettuce, Vavoom, Grasshopper, Mink

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New Scrapboxes

Make this yarn with Brickhouse Scrapbox. Lincoln locks, mohair, Wensleydale, mercerized cotton and more.  Check Scrapboxes link for full list.


Lettuce Scrapbox before spinning.

Yarn made with Lettuce.

Yarn made with Lettuce Scrapbox. Muted tones of Wensleydale, mohair and more. Yarns, threads for add ins. Lovely box.

Lincoln Locks

Grasshopper Scrapbox with Lincoln, mohair, Teeswater and more.

Teeswater locks

Vavoom Scrapbox; Lincoln locks, Teeswater, nepps and so much more.

Wensleydale locks

Mink; dyed and natural colored earth tones. Habu yarns, lots of locks. Please visit the Namaste Farms Livestream on 8/28/2014


  1. Mink is absolutely stunning!! It has gorgeous colors dyed in a special way I’ve never seen before. And that leaves those lovely curl tips a slightly different shade, it is brilliant. Not to mention at least a dozen different add in yarns all different textures ,colors , and they fit using with this fiber perfectly vs using them alone. I wouldn’t have the opportunity to experience all the different habu yarns or cones of specialty eyelash yarns. Her teaser pictures give us barely a taste of what’s to come. I have over a dozen scrapboxes and have bought from the start, let me say they get better and better and better. Many are very limited edition so if you see a color you love snatch it up as they don’t last. However lol nat always comes up with another colorway that is amazing I can’t spin fast enough. But these have been so incredibly fun and so inspiring. My spinning has changed, I’ve opened up my mind to what can be done, a big part due to her livestream tutorials, but without a doubt, my spinning has majorly improved, and it’s due to scrapboxes. Mink is stunning as is espresso. I’m telling you, you can’t go wrong

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