Zwartbles and Coated Coopworth

In Sales Blog by Natalie

*note if you buy both fleeces, it will not charge you correct shipping. For every set, you will owe 3.25. I will bill you later…I have some stunning near black Zwartbles cross (with long wool) from the UK and some beautiful white coated Coopworth (US) fleece for sale. These are both extremely nice. The Zwartbles is shearling as evidenced by the lamb tips which will overdye beautifully. Because the Zwartbles is crossed with a long wool, the crimp is bold and it is finer than either of the parents. Every time I have this type of fleece, it sells out.
As most people know, I also love Coopworth and have a few very good breeders who I broker fleece from. The Zwartbles is 32.00 lb and the Coop is 34.00 a lb. By both and save 4.00!
If you live outside of the US, I will have to bill you for shipping because it won’t calculate.

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