UK Breedbox, With GreyFace Dartmoor

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I just got back from the UK and I have a stellar breedbox with five breeds, one of which is a very rare and cool lustre breed; Greyface Dartmoor. Not only does the box include this special breed, but it also includes 1 plus ounces each of: Ouessant, Portland, Black UK Shetland, and the amazingly fine Charollais. These breeds are typical for the breed and several will shock you. The Shetland is incredibly black and more beautiful than any other I’ve seen. The handle of the Greyface is weird, so much like a Devon Cornwall that it shocked me. The Charollais has a tiny and short staple which is VERY breed typical and what’s expected. These are great learning experiences for anyone who loves wool. They are sold raw, and as mentioned contain 1 plus ounces of each breed. Price includes shipping within the US. If you purchase outside the US, we will bill you shipping.