Long Locks, Various Types

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Listed below are several different types of long locks. Premium Teeswater locks, beautiful and show washed (rinsed in color water while on the sheep) so you won’t lose much weight when dyed. These are sold by the half lb and pretty darn long. The lock I randomly measured was 13 inches barely stretched out. This means there will be ones shorter and most likely, some longer. I do not separate or measure each lock but I try to check the sections for similarity.  Please read captions for price or check pulldown menu.

White Teeswater long locks sold by the 1/2 lb 55.00

UK English Leicester, raw wool, which is about 9 inches long, with some longer and some shorter. I love these fleeces a lot and actually, they are my favorite to dye. Sold by the half lb 40.00.

English Leicester sold by the 1/2 lb 40.00… locks can be tailspun and are around 8 plus inches when stretched.

UK Black Wensleydale lamb fleece. This is yearling wool and really nice. There is variability in the lock length up to 7 inches.

Black Wensledale yearling first fleece 60.00 lb.

Ugly Locks. These are a combination of left overs from the premium fleeces. Some are not ugly, but many are… there are pieces and parts of different fleeces when you buy a lb of this. They will have some dirt and aren’t super pretty UNTIL you dye them, then they come alive. Lengths vary from 5 inches on up to long locks around 8 plus inches.

Ugly locks 50.00 a lb.