Breedbox; Llanwenog, Badger Faced WM and more…

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Llanwenog etc... Breedbox

Here is another breedbox from wool I purchased in the UK simply. I love sharing rare breed wool because it expands our own understanding of a culture largely intertwined with sheep and the wool they grow. Historically in the UK, sheep were very region specific where breeds developed in areas because of their suitability for the local environment. Further, because the UK is such a large lamb eating nation, the fleeces are a byproduct of the sheep and not looked upon as the main commodity. Because of this, we can see some of England, Wales and Scotland sheep breeds carrying wool characteristics they originated with. The wools are most often fairly primitive often showing signs of their environment like moss and bramble or smelling like salt air.

This breedbox contains Badger Face Welsh Mountain, Llanwenog, Manx Loagthan, Swaledale and a beautiful sample of UK Merino. Please note, the fleeces are samples which are true to the breed and typical of fleeces purchased in the UK i.e they are uncoated and will have dirt, twigs et al… The samples you receive will be at least 1 ounce raw and I when I have a lot of a breed, I give larger samples. I feel really excited about the Llanwenog. I’ve been to UK Woolfest 5 years and I’ve never seen it for sale. In fact, the women that work the fleece sale year after year say its the first time they’ve seen it too!
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