Gotland/Wenseldale Raw Fleece

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Really nice Gotland X Wensleydale fleece sold by the lb and raw. Very soft handle, and has a really nice bright white undertone.  The handle has a softness to it typical of shearling (first fleece with one year growth) long wool crosses.   Staple is anywhere from 5-7 inches plus (wool doesn’t grow uniformly across the animal).  If you haven’t purchased from me before, please read the policies section.  Also, if you purchase from me, know, I don’t keep track of your order once it’s shipped (Paypal has your tracking info so check your account).   Further, the only receipt you’ll get is from Paypal sending you confirmation, once again, please go to your own Paypal account and click on the  highlighted area showing you paid.  Paypal occasionally has a delayed response to sending me orders.  This means, while I think I’ve shipped everything, days later, an order from a week before will pop up.  If I have a lot of orders it will be out of my field of view in the “Activity” screen of Paypal.  This means,  I won’t know I have an order so, infrequently, orders can be missed.

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