Gorgeous Fleeces For Sale

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Fleeces by The lb

Coopworth, and Grey Gotland for sale. These fleeces are all RAW, really lovely, and I mean, gorgeous. The handle is superior and they are incredible to touch. Some are coated, some aren’t but they are all equal in quality with no VM. This won’t last long, buy now!  Pictured is Tees/Got which is now SOLD OUT; on the left is it pictured raw, and the right is pictured after a quick rinse with Wash and Dye.  PLEASE DO NOT BUY FROM ME if you are high maintenance or expect me to give you updates on your package.  I simply cannot do that and it’s why Paypal is the intermediary and take some of the money. They send all your information and if you don’t get it, then go into your own Paypal account and click on the transaction. It will give you information about your shipment.  Thank you so much.

by the lb