Bug Me with Coils; New Scrapbox

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Bug Me with Coils

This is a perfect spring time Scrapbox where we bring back the glass mushrooms and ladybug beads.  Included is silk fabric, silk threads, cotton thread, 8 glass beads, Angelina, combed top (for the supercoils) and Teeswater, Wensleydale and assorted wools dyed in differing shades of green. The total weight of the fibers in the bag is 6 ounces. There will be a free Livestream to teach how to make this yarn with the supercoils and the Livestream will take place in the middle of May. Links will be sent towards the middle of the month so please expect one.  You can watch the Live version in real time, or watch the recorded version after the live feed.  This is so perfect for spring and will put a smile on anyones face.  Shipping is 3.75 within the US and if you live anywhere else, we will invoice you!  Thank you again for your support…